5 Reasons to Book Your Ultherapy Treatment

What is Ultherapy? Non-invasive skin tightening treatment at Dr. Teal's office in Fort Erie, ON.

5 Reasons to Book Your Ultherapy Treatment

So you’ve read all about what the new Ultherapy treatment is and how it works, but you’re still hesitant to go through with the procedure. Not to worry. We understand that any type of treatment may be a little intimidating, especially if you’ve never had anything done before! That’s why we’re here to help calm your nerves and present you the facts about all of Dr. Teal’s treatments, whether they’re invasive or not.

The newly introduced Ultherapy treatment, is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes ultrasound technology that was created to lift the skin under your chin, on your neck and eyebrows, and helps improve the look of those pesky wrinkles that appear on your chest!

Now if that alone doesn’t convince you to book your Ultherapy treatment here at Dr. Teal’s, then keep reading to learn 5 more reasons to book your Ultherapy treatment today.


1. Customizable Treatments

One of the best perks of getting the Ultherapy treatment, is that our technicians cater the treatment specifically to YOU and YOUR needs. Every client we have walk into our Fort Erie clinic is different. Different skin types, different skin issues, different reactions! We take time to chat with our patients to determine what their concerns are, and how we can resolve those issues. All Ultherapy treatments are created specifically for you.


2. Natural Looking Results

Another advantage of the Ultherapy treatment? You’re going to get natural-looking results over a period of two to three months. These results are gradual, nothing dramatic. There is no need to worry about looking permanently surprised – our technicians are properly trained and use precise techniques to ensure you look your best.


3. Minimal Downtime/ Minimal Discomfort

Often we run into questions from patients asking about the amount of pain the procedure may cause during and after. The good news is, that there is a minimal amount of pain. In fact, one woman who had the procedure done described the process as similar to that split second before you recognize that something’s too hot, “the buildup to pain without the pain itself”. The entire treatment consists of small amounts of energy being directly deposited deep in your skin, with the sensation lasting only during the treatment itself.

As for recovery post-treatment, you’re completely free to return to your normal daily routine. You can even go back to work after your treatment, same day! The area of skin where you had the treatment done may be a bit red, but that should only last a few hours. Other than that, any other side-effects are quite mild; from slight temporary swelling to a bit of tenderness.


4. Results are Long Lasting

All Ultherapy results differ from person to person depending on their collagen levels. Sadly, the results won’t last forever, as your collagen levels will slowly start to decrease again and the aging process continues. Lifestyle often helps in dictating how long the results will last, with smoking and UV exposure triggering the natural aging process earlier. However, sometimes the results last 1-2 years! Not bad for a simple 30-60 minute procedure. Dr. Teal and her staff will be able to evaluate your procedure and determine the best schedule to have your future treatments.


5. Look 5 Years Younger

That’s right. ONE treatment can get you looking FIVE YEARS YOUNGER. How great is that? Of course, the more frequently you get your treatment, the better your skin will appear.


Book Your Treatment Today

So, what are you waiting for? Turn back the clock and book your Ultherapy appointment today with Dr. Teal and her talented team of trusted technicians.



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