Considering Botox? Get the Facts Here

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Considering Botox? Get the Facts Here

BOTOX 101 : Eliminating the Stigma

There has always been a stigma around plastic surgery, injections and fillers. However, myths and lack of information about these subjects are usually what forms these stigmas. The fear of unwanted results or terrifying side effects hinders an individual’s perception on what is, in reality, a safe and common procedure.

Times are changing!

People are slowly starting to open up about the cosmetic procedures they are undergoing. This is happening as people become more aware of falsity behind these myths and engage in research before undergoing a procedure. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Iggy Azalea have been open about their experiences with cosmetic enhancements and the positive self-esteem they have gained from these treatments.

One of the main services that Dr. Teal offers her patients is Botox Injections. You’ve probably heard of Botox before, as most of us have, and you may even know someone who has undergone the procedure themselves.

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So, what exactly is Botox?

There are many questions that our patients have when they are considering receiving Botox injections. Will it hurt? Will my face look frozen? How long will it last? The list goes on. But firstly, we would like to explain to you what Botox is and how it works.

Let’s start with the technical definition. Botox is a drug made from a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum called botulinum toxin. It is used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles.

The botulinum toxin is a toxin that can cause a serious medical condition known as Botulism, which is associated with food poisoning. One of the main, most serious side affects of this condition is paralysis.

Sounds scary, we know! But don’t worry because scientists have discovered a way to use the toxin to the human advantage. You can control the weakening of targeted muscular areas when you inject small, diluted amounts of the toxin into these muscles. This is what is happening when you receive a Botox injection.

When these muscles are temporarily “paralyzed,” it blocks the signals to the nerves and the muscles become relaxed. Relaxed muscles in the face do not crease naturally through expression, as they normally would, and therefore fine lines are less apparent.

Now, how exactly does the procedure work?

Many of our patients feel frightened of the procedure prior to undergoing Botox injections. We find that explaining to them exactly how it works helps to ease their worries.

minimal discomfort, numbing creamThe pain associated with the injections themselves tends to be one of the major concerns. A very fine needle with no anesthesia is all the procedure takes. The treatment itself takes only a few minutes and most patients report only minimal discomfort during the injection itself.

Most patients do not find the process to be any more painful than a few tiny pinches. Those who are intimidated do have some alternate options. Dr. Teal suggests using a numbing cream in the areas of the injection site prior to the treatment.

What will my results look like?

One of the most common myths surrounding Botox injections is the theory that the procedure can make your face look fake, frozen and expressionless. While this can be true in some cases, we would like to emphasize the importance of trusting a physician, who is trained in Botox injections, with your procedure. Botox injections should never result in a frozen face. This is usually a sign that the procedure was not done properly.

Professionals, like Dr. Teal, understand the practice guidelines surrounding these cosmetic procedures and can ensure that you achieve your desired look safely! Dr. Teal and her associates consult with all patients prior to administering Botox, or any other cosmetic procedure. During this consultation Dr. Teal can determine the amount of treatment that is appropriate and, most importantly, safe for the individual.

When done correctly and by a trained physician, your face should look relaxed, awakened and softened after the Botox treatment. The full effect usually takes a few days to set in, but you should notice a difference immediately. A more youthful look overall will be created because fine lines will appear to be softened and faded.

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What about after my Botox?

After the procedure Dr. Teal will provide you with some material and information to help guide you through the healing process. The healing process itself is not extensive and patients can typically carry on with their day as normal after the injections.

If you have the time, you may want to rest for a few hours after the procedure. However, many patients report that they can have this procedure done and return to work immediately after.

Dr. Teal also suggest that you avoid touching the injection sites. Doing so could cause the Botox to migrate to an unintended area. Avoiding unnecessary physical activity and strain will aid in the prevention of bruising and swelling.healing process, swelling, bruising

A taking anti-inflammatory medications (Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen), ASAs (Tylenol) and drinking alcohol. If you drink alcohol it will result in thinning of the blood and ultimately raise the risk of bruising.

You can expect some bruising and swelling, and this can be more prominent in certain patients. If swelling is prominent for you, treat it gently with ice.

As with anything, if a concern arises be sure to contact Dr. Teal immediately.

That’s IT.

At Teal Cosmetic Laser we like to stress the importance of educating oneself prior to any type of treatment or procedure. Knowing what to expect and being aware of normal side effects and results is always a great way to start off any doctor patient relationship. As always, Dr. Teal and her associates are available for consultations for Botox and any other procedure offered in our office. If you have any questions or concerns, we would love to help you address them.

Dr. Teal is a trained physician and oculoplastic surgeon. She is highly trained and skilled in a variety of medical grade injections, including Botox. Her expertise is extensive and highly respected throughout North America.

Contact Dr. Teal today and book an appointment or a consultation for your next procedure!

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Dr. Patricia Teal is a skilled ophthalmic (eye) surgeon. She graduated in ophthalmology from the University of Toronto and currently has a high volume cosmetic/oculoplastic practice implanting both standard and lifestyle lenses as well as offering comprehensive eye care. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Teal combines her aesthetic background in injectables with her technical expertise in surgery to provide the natural look of a refreshed and rejuvenated eye. Her signature is surgical restraint to produce a completely natural look.