8 of the Most Effective Wrinkle Treatment Options

Best way to get rid of wrinkles in Niagara.

8 of the Most Effective Wrinkle Treatment Options

Wrinkles are one of the first signs of aging, and they’re a dead giveaway to your true age. The good news is that they’re fixable with a variety of wrinkle treatment options.

The problem with wrinkles is that they can show up at any time, whether you’re 35 or 65, and there’s nothing you can do to stop them from coming. But once they arrive, you can stop them in their tracks.

All you have to do is choose the option that suits your needs or your lifestyle, and then visit Dr. Teal for a free consultation. Those wrinkles will be history, and before you know it you’ll be glowing with radiant skin.

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What are the Causes of Wrinkles?

This is an age-old question, and there’s no single answer for everyone. However, there are a few definite causes of wrinkles that make them virtually unavoidable.

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by aging. The older you get, the more your skin becomes fragile and less flexible than it was when you were younger.

Genetics play a role in creating wrinkles because your DNA determines your skin structure and composition. But external and environmental factors are also pretty important.

Smoking is a big contributor to wrinkles, as well as sun exposure.

Remember when your mom used to tell you not to frown so much because your face could stay like that? Turns out, she wasn’t entirely off. Your face won’t freeze, but repeated facial expressions can lead to wrinkles.

Every time you make an expression with your face, you create a groove underneath your skin, and the older you get the harder your skin has to fight to bounce back.

Some of these causes aren’t very avoidable, so it’s best to consider your wrinkle treatment options to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from ruining your life.

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Your Top 8 Wrinkle Treatment Options

Before you go out and buy some generic over the counter skin cream, remember this: the majority of those solutions are ineffective. They usually don’t contain enough of the main ingredient to really have any effect, and instead of losing wrinkles, you’ll just lose time and money.

Instead of wasting your money on overpriced anti-aging skin care brands, try one of these treatments that actually work. They are all available at Dr. Teal’s office

1. Botox

This procedure has received a bad reputation over time for its association with botched procedures and celebrity overuse. However, Botox is actually quite safe when done by a professional like Dr. Teal.

Botox works via an injection of botulinum inserted underneath the wrinkle. It then relaxes the muscle there, and the skin on top becomes smooth and free of creases or lines.

2. Juvederm

Juvederm is another popular injectable treatment that can reduce those fine lines and wrinkles. It’s safe for all skin types and colours, and is made from naturally occurring substances.

This dermal filler uses a compound made from hyaluronic acid that is injected directly into the wrinkle. It will then fill the wrinkle and smooth out that skin, eliminating the creases on the surface.

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3. Revanesse

Revanesse is another dermal filler, similar to Juvederm. It works in the same way that Juvederm does, and is also made from hyaluronic acid. It’s made from natural ingredients that don’t pose any threat to your body’s composition.

This non-invasive procedure can be done in as little as 15 minutes, with no downtime. You could get it on your lunch break and go right back to your routine.

4. Glycolic Facial

A glycolic facial works to rejuvenate the skin on your face by removing the outer layer of damaged skin, taking those wrinkles along with it. The acid used to remove the outer skin contains chemicals that promote collagen growth, smoothing out the skin.

You’ll be left with a fresh layer of healthy skin that will make you forget you even had wrinkles in the first place.

5. EndyMed 3DEEP RF

EndyMed’s 3DEEP RF technology is an innovative new way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, restoring your skin back to its full health. During this treatment, radiofrequency technology uses heat to stimulate new collagen growth.

You won’t need to worry about any cool down time, because it’s formulated using controlled heat that requires little to no downtime.

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6. Photorejuvenation, or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment

IPL treatments are designed to target the problem area specifically, allowing more energy to focus directly on your skin problems.

The pulsed light targets the melanin in your skin, which is responsible for the pigment. It will then fragment the melanin into smaller pieces, which will be absorbed naturally in your body. This eliminates the blemishes and problem areas on your skin, leaving you with a healthy glow and smooth tone.

7. Vivier Vitamin C Serums

Vivier provides multiple options for creams and serums that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help to smooth out the skin. These creams are made using pharmaceutical grade vitamin C.

Studies show that topical vitamin C can increase collagen production in the skin. This helps increase the skin’s elasticity, which keeps wrinkles under control. Ask Dr. Teal about the types of serums she stocks in her office, and find out which one is right for you.

8. Alyria

Alyria is a skin-optimizing system that uses state-of-the-art technology to improve skin texture and tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth out the surface. Each product in the Alyria line is created with specially formulated solutions to target problem areas.

Like Vivier, Dr. Teal stocks a variety of serums and creams in her office, so it’s best to consult with her to determine which one you should purchase.

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Talk to Dr. Teal Today to Get Rid of Your Pesky Wrinkles

Dr. Teal knows how to help everyone that walks through her door, whether you need Botox or just a topical cream. She will never recommend surgery for anyone if she doesn’t think it’s the right option, so you know you’re always well cared for here.

Known for her steady hand and eye for detail, Dr. Teal is a highly experienced ophthalmic surgeon in Niagara. Her expertise will be the key to making you look as beautiful and youthful as you feel.

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