The Perfect Pout: Everything You Need to Know About Lip Fillers


The Perfect Pout: Everything You Need to Know About Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers and Enhancements in Niagara

Thanks to lip fillers and injections, plump lips are the newest beauty trend. It seems like everyone wants the Angelina Jolie pout, and tons of women in the Niagara region are getting lip fillers to achieve this.

Walk down the aisles of any Niagara Falls or Fort Erie drugstore cosmetic boutique and you’ll see a range of plumping lipsticks, tools, and enhancers all aimed at giving you the appearance of full lips.

But what if you could actually have full lips without the illusion?

Lip fillers give you a beautiful, youthful looking smile that can light up your face and give you a whole new attitude.


Lip Fillers 101: How to Get Full Lips

Lip fillers give you full healthy lips through injections.You can try all the home remedies for lips that you want, but there’s no sure way to get plump lips permanently. However, Juvederm and Botox are your best bet for a more long lasting treatment.

If you’re looking to achieve a perfect pout, lip fillers will do the trick. Lip augmentation, the process through which the injections are used to fill the lips, is a popular surgery for women of all ages.

Here are some tips to follow before you get lip injections.


The Benefits of Lip Fillers

Lip injections actually fill your lips instead of giving the appearance of fullness.

If you choose to experiment with natural lip remedies, you could be setting yourself for more Botox in the future. Some of these procedures cause unwanted wrinkles and other surface issues over time.

Dermal fillers are safe procedures that use natural ingredients in their solutions. They are derived from plant based products and do not use any animal products. This means that they’re good for anyone, even those with allergies, and are therefore more versatile.


How They Work

Dermal fillers are usually injected into the white line that surrounds the lips. This skin is more distinct than other lip skin, which provides the appearance of pouting.

Some fillers can tighten the muscles around the lip, lifting the top lip toward the nose. Other treatments inject a solution into the lip to fill it and create a plumper appearance.

Lip fillers need to be done in sessions over time. If you try to do too much injection at once, you’ll end up overdoing it and appearing as if you’re constantly walking around with red wax lips.

However, depending on which type of filler you use, you’ll be able to go months in between treatments. This reduces the amount of hassle it would be if you tried a natural remedy.


Top 2 Options: Juvederm and Botox

These two products are your best options for lip injections and your Niagara cosmetic surgeon can perform them in the office. Both of these products are quick and allow you to get back to your regular day immediately.

Injections are done around the edges of the lips.


Juvederm is a viscoelastic gel that is injected into the face. Its lip formula, Juvederm Volbella, is a facial filler that’s specifically designed to provide natural-looking lip volume.

It’s made from sugars that occur naturally in the body that work to maintain volume and elasticity of the skin. By adding more of these sugars to your body, the injection helps to keep skin around the lips firm and youthful.

Lidocaine, used to reduce pain, is also added to the solution to help make the process as comfortable as possible.

This lip filler can last up to 12 months from one treatment. That means you’d only have to go once a year, and this treatment won’t interrupt your life.



Botox Cosmetic is probably the most well known product associated with cosmetic surgery. It’s a muscle-relaxing injectible solution that can be used to prevent wrinkles or plump your lips.

Essentially, botox reverses the signs of aging by relaxing the muscles that have tightened to create winkles. When it’s injected in the lips, it relaxes the surrounding muscles and allows for a plumper look.

Botox is useful for lifting the middle of the lip by tightening those specific muscles. It also helps with the wrinkles around your lips, such as in the corners of the mouth.

Choose this treatment if you want to focus on your upper lips and give them a lift. Botox usually lasts about 3 to 4 months, depending on the dosage.

Lip injections will help achieve full lips.

What to Expect When You Get Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are a very light, minor surgery. Treatments usually take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Since they’re light, you don’t require any downtime. You could go in for one of these treatments on your lunch break and be able to return to work right away.

There are some side effects that might happen with Botox or Juvederm, but these are very minor in nature and usually go away within 72 hours. The side effects can include rosacea or minor irritation at the injection site, as well as redness or minor irritation.

Like any surgery, there are a few precautions you must take after getting lip fillers.

Results should appear within a few days after your treatment, and could continue appearing for up to a week.


Realistic Intentions

Healthy lips from lip injections can change your appearance drastically.It’s important to go into any surgery with realistic intentions to avoid crushing disappointment in the end.

If you have smaller, thin lips, you’re not going to get an Angelina Jolie pout. But you can work up to something just as sexy over multiple treatments.

But what you can do is fill them out to create a beautiful, healthy appearance. Regardless of your lip size, you’ll see benefits from getting lip fillers.


Go to a Trusted, Experienced Specialist: Dr. Teal

It’s vital that you go to a cosmetic surgeon who is specially trained for lip fillers and who you can trust to make you feel beautiful.

This can mean the difference between looking sexy and looking like you’re having an allergic reaction on your lips.

Dr. Teal is a licensed cosmetic oculoplastic surgeon and ophthalmic surgeon who specializes in dermal fillers and lip injections.

She has been strategically trained and is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in Ontario.

Contact Dr. Teal’s office today if you’re interested in getting high quality lip injections.

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