SPF Essentials: How to Stay Safe in the Sunshine

UV Rays Effects on Skin. Teal Cosmetic Laser Clinic Niagara Skin Care.

SPF Essentials: How to Stay Safe in the Sunshine

UV Rays Effects on Skin

Summer is here and, after a long winter, we are relieved to see the sun and feel the warmth. With summer comes an array of outdoor activities and events. Whether you are attending a family BBQ or taking a dip in the lake at your cottage, Dr. Teal reminds you to be aware of your skin’s exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. As we all know very well, the harmful UV rays effects on skin can cause multiple issues.

The reminder is constant and the idea of wearing SPF is stressed for numerous reasons. We all know that UV exposure can increase your risk of developing skin cancer and can ultimately contribute to the appearance of aging. However, did you know that UV rays can also affect the results of some of Dr. Teal’s treatments?

Wondering which ones? Read on!

Glycolic Facial Peels

Glycolic Facial Peels cosmetic procedure, sun exposure, and rough skin.

Glycolic facials are a great way to exfoliate. They are designed to improve and enhance your appearance. These treatments will effectively help to reduce the depth of surface lines, smooth out rough skin texture, help fade brown spots and assist in controlling acne breakouts.

The all-natural alpha-hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane will remove dead cells from the skin’s surface. Removing this top layer (where most visible wrinkles are) allows the healthier skin cells to come through, giving a smoother texture to your skin and a glowing, radiant appearance.

This treatment is a common one amongst our patients and can, as mentioned above, be used on a variety of different skin types to help with various concern.

However, as layers of skin are exfoliated away, this uncovers a new, healthier layer of skin that is very sensitive and susceptible to sun-damage. This will make your newly treated skin privy to sun damage that will ultimately contribute to the aging process.

If you are not careful, you could also end up with a painfully severe sunburn!

It is highly recommended that you stay indoors after your peel. Wear sunblock if this is impossible. While you should always wear sunblock regardless, it’s vital that you’re extra careful during this time. Use an SPF of 30 or higher, and be sure to choose a formula with UVA and UVB protection.

A gentle sunscreen formulated for sensitive skin is ideal for your skin after a peel. These formulas are typically scent-free and will be less likely to irritate the sensitive skin on your face.


Blue Light Treatment

Blu-Light treatment offers effective, non-invasive and pain-free treatments for moderate to severe acne vulgaris, a condition affecting millions of adults, teens and children.

The Blue Light is not a laser. It emits safe, cool visible blue light to provide an effective solution for acne removal.

Blue light acne treatment in Niagara. Patricia Teal Laser Cosmetics and Acne Removal.Similar to receiving a peel, this treatment will help to remove specific skin cells and will leave you skin more sensitive and susceptible to sun damage.

Sun exposure could also dry out your skin, causing it to produce excess oil resulting in an acne breakout.

Dr. Teal recommends that you bring a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and sun block with you to your appointment to avoid any unnecessary sun exposure post-treatment.

On a daily basis, always remember to use sunscreen and wear sun protective clothing to shield your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.



This treatment uses Intense Pulse Light to treat skin damage with zero downtime. Intense Pulse Light can simultaneously treat a wide range of facial concerns safely and effectively, such as broken capillaries, benign brown pigment, age spots (sun induced freckles), mottled pigmentation and the symptoms of rosacea.

This treatment, unlike the previous two, does make your skin abnormally sensitive to the sun’s rays. You may notice redness and darkening of the skin, but this will fade.

This treatment is included in this article because it is often used to fade the appearance off age spots, also known as sun induced freckles.

These are flat tan, brown or black spots. They vary in size and usually appear on the face, hands, shoulders and arms — areas most exposed to the sun. Age spots are very common in adults older than age 50.

By wearing a proper SPF and sun protective gear you can help this treatment work and avoid damaging your skin further and developing more of these unsightly age spots.

Botox Injections Niagara Fort Erie.


Botox is a common procedure in Dr. Teal’s office. These injections help to relax muscles in the face, in a targeted area, to help fade fine lines and prevent new ones from developing. This procedure is non-invasive and requires zero downtime.

While you won’t have a tough recovery period, you will need to make sure you protect your skin.

In the sun, Botox is harmless.  However, exposing yourself to the sun the same day as your treatment is not recommended. The natural dilation of blood vessels in the skin to increase circulation can diffuse the Botox quicker than desired.

This may affect your results and could prevent the treatment from working to it’s full potential. If you are investing in this procedure, it may be wise to take necessary precautions on the day of.

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In conclusion…

If you have already taken the steps towards healthier, younger looking skin with the help of one of Dr. Teal’s state of the art treatments, then you should be aware of these risks. Why jeopardize your results with unnecessary sun exposure?

As always, Dr. Teal and her associates will educate you after each treatment. We make sure you know how to maintain your results and avoid any unpleasant side effects.

Our goal is to educate our patients on the risks of each procedure as well as the necessary precautions that everyone should take.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns be sure to contact the office directly or book a complimentary consultation for your next treatment.

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