Latisse. The cure for thinning eyelashes. Fort Erie, Niagara Ontario.

Your Cure For Thinning Eyelashes

Aging can bring a lot of unappealing side effects, we need a cure for thinning eyelashes. Not only do we have to deal with wrinkles and crow’s feet, we also have to deal with eyelash deterioration. Thinning eyelashes with age or from pregnancy is common. Did you know that a woman’s average lash length begins to decrease when she is in her 20’s and 30’s? By the time she’s 60, her lashes will be faded, thinner, and smaller.


Thinning Eyelashes With Age

Hypotrichosis refers to a condition in which people do not have enough eyelashes. Regardless of how this happens, the good news is you can now fix it with LATISSE®.

LATISSE® solution is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis that will help eyelashes grow, making them thicker, darker, and longer. It’s sort of like mascara for thinning eyelashes.

It’s designed to prolong the growing phase of the eyelashes, so users will experience a longer active growth period than average. This allows the lashes to reach their full potential instead of falling victim to age.


Q: How is LATISSE® solution different from other eyelash growth products?

A: Over-the-counter products condition eyelashes. Only LATISSE® has been approved by the FDA as a prescription treatment to grow eyelashes in people with inadequate or not enough eyelashes.
Q. How can lashes change over time?

A: Initial data from a group of women diagnosed with eyelash hypotrichosis in the LATISSE® clinical studies suggest that eyelashes may change over time.1,2 These are the trends that were suggested1,2:

  • Length decreased with increasing age (based on assessment of 607 women)
  • Fullness decreased with increasing age (based on assessment of 468 women)
  • Darkness decreased with increasing age (based on assessment of 568 women)

Q. Does LATISSE® really work?


A: In a clinical study of 278 participants, 78% of LATISSE® users (107/137) experienced a significant increase in overall eyelash prominence (including elements of length, fullness, and darkness) at week 16, versus 18% for the vehicle (26/141).3-5,* Lashes were3,4:

  • 25% longer (2% for vehicle*)
  • 106% fuller (12% for vehicle*)
  • 18% darker (3% for vehicle*)

*Vehicle is the same solution as LATISSE® without the active ingredient.